What’s the best VPN service

How to choose the best VPN service for your needs

What's the best VPN service

What is the fastest VPN is a rather complex question, since it depends on many factors (protocol encryption, Chinese city where one connects, web visit, Server VPN which you connect, among many other factors)

In order to answer this question over the past months we have been testing the connection speed of three VPNs that we recommend from China. For this purpose we have calculated the ping, download speed and upload speed (see below the description of these parameters) when we are connected to different servers for these VPN to access webs located both in the United States, Europe and Hong Kong. Although the results are complex to interpret due to the high number of parameters involved we have been able to draw some conclusions.

Money back guarantee: this is an important characteristic when choosing a VPN especially in China, although three VPNs generally work well in China, each place is a world. A VPN can work better than another in Shanghai but worse in Changsha, so the chance to test the VPN is important before you commit to a VPN for a year. 30 day money-back guarantee ExpressVPN and VyprVPN offer the best VPN service for 2017.

Monthly plan: If you are traveling to China for tourism or sporadically surely a VPN you want for only a month, although Vypr VPN basic is the cheapest option is useless in China (at least you need the Pro version), in this case the cheapest option is to opt for PureVPN (although the three VPN prices are very similar and only you ahorrarías you a couple of dollars).

Annual plan: The annual prices for the various plans is very uneven, but if you compare the price of plans with benefits similar among three providers (ExpressVPN, VyprVPN Pro and PureVPN), its price is 8,32, 8.33 and 4.99 USD per month, respectively. So PureVPN is certainly the cheapest in this case.

Servers counter: this feature is very important, since more servers less chance there is that connection go slow or cut because there are too many users using the same server. In this regard, ExpressVPN is offering more guarantees.

Countries with servers: this is a basic function above if you want to access restricted content on a given country. In addition, it is also essential to obtain good speeds navigation, more close to the server higher the speed potential, therefore have a good number of servers in countries around China increases the chances of finding one with good performance. In this sense PureVPN wins the competition. However, if what you care about is the speed you should consider the fact that ExpressVPN has many more servers in countries adjacent to China.

Simultaneous connections: today have connections simultaneous is a basic characteristic of a VPN, to have a reliable and free connection to the internet is not only required on your laptop but also in mobile, tablet or other devices. So having connections simultaneous avoids you the problem be connecting the VPN depending on which device want to use the internet. In this way you can for example refer to google maps on your mobile while consultations gmail on your computer. Definitely in this aspect PureVPN and VyprVPN are those offering more possibilities.

Encryption protocols: encryption protocols are basically important to avoid censorship and improve security. You have several possibilities ensure you have more weapons in order to avert the great firewall, since some encryption protocols sometimes do not work. Although in China the OpenVPN is that usually work better, VyprVPN also offers a protocol exclusively designed to avoid the blockade called Chameleon that tends to work very well.

Server location changes: this aspect is very important in China, since not always all servers work well all the time and server changes are essential. In this respect there is no difference in between the 3 VPNs.

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