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Buy Instagram Followers

Accustomed to an Instagram for quiet and passivated, development of slow fire, the frenetic pace of updates of recent months is leaving us pleasant surprises. Today, and with version 9.3 on iOS and Android, includes two new features which are very welcome.

The first is the ability to mute to users in Stories. After years using the application, we follow many types of users in Instagram, but we are not interested in seeing the Stories of many of them. Now if we hold a user bubble will leave you silence him, and his bubble will move to the end of the tail.

The other big news is the ability to automatically save all the pictures and videos that share in Stories on our smartphone. If you use Instagram as your main camera, this novelty will come in Pearl. To activate it, plays in the gear of the upper-left corner in the House of stories and select the auto-save option.

All began with the presentation of Instagram Stories, where Instagram made of canon facing the walls until then impenetrable of Snapchat, copying an of its best features.

If outside little, the great base of users of Instagram, combined with an interface more simple, made that it most of them users had more activity in their stories shared in Instagram that in Snapchat. Although it is early to declare a winner, maybe it is as one of the great movements of the history of Facebook. And that, remember, Mark Zuckerberg always wins.

Recently it updated with functions to combat the harassment and the insults. Also is true that part of them users cry by it turned of the order of images chronological, but you can always buy Instagram followers not seems to be by the work.

Don’t like what you see in reviews of Instagram? Since Monday, the social network began to give him the possibility of ignoring what they don’t want to see.

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In a posting of blog of the company, the co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom announced that all them users of Instagram will have the option of create a list of keywords that can be used to filter them comments that not want to see. So, for example, buy instagram followers if someone is being attacked on the site by people using a certain word, that person can agragarla to your ‘personal blacklist’.

“This feature lets you make lists of words deemed offensive or inappropriate,” wrote Systrom. “Those reviews with these words will be hidden from their posts.” “Can choose its own list of words or use words certain provided by Instagram”.

The users of Instagram, said, podram follow “sliding” the finger to delete comments, report comments inappropriate or block accounts.

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